Roving Crows.

Roving Crows push the boundaries of the Celtic Folk genre and play with genuine passion, energy and soul – a must see live act.
A vibrant mix of Celtic-inspired fiddle alongside original and intelligent lyrics backed by pounding, tribal and electronica infused dance grooves; the band comprises fiddle, electric and acoustic guitar, electric 5 and 6 string bass, pumping bongo percussion rhythms and vocals.
As well as almost constant national touring, the band has released 2 albums and 2 EPs since their launch in 2009. The most recent album ‘Deliberate Distractions’ received 4* reviews in the Financial Times and R2 Magazine amongst many more.

Mike Wilton.

Mike Wilton is best known as the frontman of The Standard Lamps. The Standard Lamps supported The Who 9 times on their 2014 and 2017 UK tours as well as supporting The Bluetones on their 2015/2016 UK tour. The band enjoys a strong following that continues to grow up and down the UK.

Mike is currently working on a new album that should be released by May 2018 while The Standard Lamps take a short break.

Tall Poppies.

Tall Poppies are eccentric indie-pop four piece fronted by identical twin sister songstresses Susan and Catherine on vocals, bass and guitar with Diarmuid pulling at heart strings on violin and Doug injecting the energy and danceability on drums.
Songs are drafted over cups of tea and chocolate biscuits during gossip sessions about men, friends, the latest novel and the dramas of working life. Snippets of sisterly chat often bloom into songs as guitars lie in laps dusted with chocolate crumbs. Lyrically they tell stories of the everyday and the unusual, the melancholic and comical. The twins met Diarmuid in London and it was not long before his graceful string lines accompanied the entire set, Doug Fink (formerly of Noah and the Whale) joined in adding more flare and completing the sound with his lively beat.

Mono Sideboards.

When Frank Lamb decided to document his troubles, the troubles we all face as human beings, he put together The Mono Sideboards to create a musical backdrop to his suffering. He then recruited a variety of singers, musicians, poets and artists to help his vision become a reality. This reality will be provided to the general public through The Mono Sideboards, with the help of Monkey Fingers Records.

Solid Gone.

Original Roots Rock, Blues and Skiffle music drawing on early Blues and Folk influences. Startlingly powerful vocals, raw delta blues styled guitar, wild saxophone, thumping double bass and an irresistible beat combine to create a special atmosphere.

The Underclass.

Bringing together the best of Birmingham’s rich & diverse heritage, The Underclass have forged a unique sound, which speaks to all.
From feel good tap along tracks such as ‘life without you’, to politically charged anthems such as ‘Fool Britannia’, the boys, have it all covered.
With the world-wide release of their début album ‘Rise’ in February 2016 and their début single ‘Life Without You’ in March 2016, the world is now able to discover, what Birmingham already knows……

The Strays.

The Strays are a raucous Garage Rock n Roll band, hailing from Cheltenham.

With their eclectic musical influences, they write modern music that breathes new life into the genre, using elements of rock, pop, punk, country and blues, combined with rocking riffs and driving beats, creating a huge, modern/vintage, hybrid sound that just won’t quit!

Hoodoo Blue.

Glastonbury’s finest performs an atmospheric, funky original tunes fusing catchy guitar riffs, funky bass,and drums with a topping of dreamy vocals.

The Monkey Gland Sand Band.

The Supergroup of your dreams bringing together The Litterettes: Petronilla and Ghislaine, with the Phenomenal Professor Pupae alongside PR Goodchild of the legendary CG&L.
A wonderful explosion of happiness…

Plush Replica.

This spacey unit have a rather cosmic blend of psychedelic rock and modern electronic dance music. Neon costumes, atmospheric transitions and disco vibes!